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Yamamah Space Structures

Founded    in    1990    as    a    division    of    Al    Yamamah    Steel    Industries    Company,      Yamamah     Space     Structures     has     established     its     name     as     the     leading manufacturer of space frames in the Kingdom. Yamamah   space   frames   consist   of   nodes   and   tubes   interconnected   to   form three   dimensional   structural   systems   that   afford   a   myriad   of   advantages   to   the other   types   of   construction.      Absolutely   no   limitations   exist   on   what   you   could use   for;   from   the   most   elegantly   simple   to   the   most   structurally   challenging system. Yamamah   space   frames   are   engineered   to   conform   the   requirements   of   the projects’   contract   documents   and   local   building   codes,   and   to   be   in   accordance with   all   applicable   domestic   and   international   engineering   specifications   such as those by AISC, ASTM, BS, DIN, JIS, etc. Yamamah   Space   Structures   is   an   approved   supplier   of   space   frames   structures for   Saudi   ARAMCO,   Saudi   Electric   Co.,   Ministry   of   Defense   and   Aviation,   The General   Presidency   of   Youth   Welfare,   Ministry   of   Education,   Ministry   of   Health and many more.  Yamamah Space Structures is ISO 9001:2015 Certified. Yamamah   Space   Structures   space   frames   will   be   designed   for   any   geometry, span,    support    conditions    and    loading    criteria.        They    are    engineered    and manufactured   to   meet   your   architectural   and   structural   requirements   along with   world   class   engineering   and   manufacturing   capabilities,   Yamamah   space frames are installed using Yamamah’s own crews of very experienced installers.
Last updated: November 2018